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Office Furniture Space Planning – A Service of Broadway Office Furniture:

Space planning for office furniture is one of several services offered by Broadway Office Furniture. It is a long-term commitment and is a big part of your work environment. It is also one of the most important steps of the office furniture purchasing process. Important things that you need to consider before purchasing furniture are physical attribute, workflow, and delivery as well as lead-time.

class="MsoNormal">There are many physical attributes of your floor space to consider before you finalize any furniture purchases such as:

· First - you must consider the loading dock, elevator size, and the size of all entrances. This must be done to ensure that the office furniture you purchase will not be too large to fit through the route it will have to take, in order to get into your office.

· Second - the actual floor space needs to be inspected for any obstacles that will have to be worked around. When dealing with space planning, these can include windows that should not be blocked, permanent or load-bearing walls and columns, entrances and exits (leaving room for aisles), heating and cooling vents which may change the actual height of the ceiling in places or whose air flow could be blocked, and ceiling heights.

· Third - pay attention to the source of power and communication lines. Each employee's power and communication needs should be considered to ensure that what is currently available is going to be enough to meet the demands of your employees.

Workflow is another aspect of space planning which needs to be looked at in order to ensure your employees are working as efficiently as possible. You can get started by asking yourself the following questions.

- Are the people who need to work together near each other?

- Does our floor plan fill the needs of our employees?

- How can our furniture floor plan create a better exchange of information or provide better services?

It is essential to consider delivery and lead times. One of the most common mistakes made by companies is waiting too long to begin or finalize their office furniture purchases. There are many factors to consider in completing your project in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help in planning your space planning needs. You may visit our catalog of new products here

You may also contact us here regarding special orders for larger projects that require consultations for space planning and more.